Barker College First School To Run Optus Cyber Security Experience

Barker College First School To Run Optus Cyber Security Experience

Barker College in Sydney’s north shore is the first school to run the Optus Cyber Security Experience (click here), the latest program available on the Day of STEM platform.

The new program provides students with a unique opportunity to explore careers in cyber security through virtual mentors, take part in a simulated cyber scenario and build baseline skill and knowledge needed to begin a career in the field.

Virginia Ellis, the STEAM Coordinator at Barker College led the school’s participation in the program, guiding an after school group of 50 Year 9/10 boys interested in computer science through the platform. Virginia commented on the program,

“The connection with mentors was novel and engaging. The program gave students a chance to explore different cyber security roles and presented them with challenges, providing an element of fun to the program! It gave them exposure to a part of the workforce that 95% of our students had never considered previously.”

“I’d recommend doing the initial session in a class period and then asking interested students to continue the program at home on their own time or with a parent.”

During the exercise, student build their own personalised Cyber Resume that tracks their progress in the program, interests, required skills and career roadmap. After completing the entire program, students are given a completion certification recognizing their achievement as a cyber security student. The program has an integrated professional development opportunity for instructors to become a Cyber Teacher, which introduces them to dynamic methods of teaching cyber security in the classroom.

One of the Barker students offered his comments on the program, “I really enjoyed doing this program as it was a very interactive way of teaching us about cybersecurity. I found the experience really interesting with the features like building my own Cyber Resume.”

The program is recommended for students from Year 7 through University and is available for free to schools, teachers, parents and students across Australia. Registration for the program can be accessed by clicking the following link:

If you are a teacher that would like to share your experience with the Day of STEM program, please contact (tim@lifejourney) and we can share your story with our network of schools.

Virginia Ellis and Ross Mackay, one of the Barker students, joined Optus, Macquarie University, LifeJourney and many others for the official launch of the program last week to offer their perspectives on the program.