Find Yourself In The Future Series – Free Cyber Security Webinar

Find Yourself In The Future Series – Free Cyber Security Webinar

A gang of shadowy hackers tear through the systems of big-box retailers, making off with millions of credit and debit card numbers in a matter of weeks and generating headlines around the country….

This is not science fiction. It’s a multibillion-dollar business of stealing intellectual property.

The hackers of today are far more skilled, organised and well-funded than ever before. They are getting better at finding weaknesses, penetrating security barriers and enacting more damaging attacks once inside a company. Though tried-and-tested schemes such as stealing and reselling credit card numbers which continue to be staples of the criminal underground, the thieves are expanding their enterprises.

In this session our Cyber experts will take a look at the Cyber Security problems we are fixing and how the hackers hack.

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Date: Wednesday, 9 Nov 2016
Time: 3 pm AEDT
Duration: 60 mins (including Q&A)

Attend this live, interactive TV broadcast to:

  • Learn what cybersecurity problems look like.
  • Discover the benefits of better managing cybersecurity risk.
  • Leverage your learning and build a cyber career with self-enrolled introduction to cybersecurity course offered free to live attendees.