LifeJourney Transition To Australian Servers

LifeJourney Transition To Australian Servers

LifeJourney has completed a transition to host its servers and related user information for the Day of STEM platform onshore in Australia. LifeJourney takes the privacy of user data incredibly seriously and this effort was taken to further localise the LifeJourney platform and comply with the student data privacy regulations of Australian states and territories.

Teachers, students and parents with Day of STEM accounts will now login via the new Australian website ( with their email and password combination. Existing users in Australia will be automatically redirected to the correct page.

Existing Users:

  • Head to
  • Login using your email and password combination
  • Explore programs!

New Users:

  • Explore and register for Day of STEM at
  • Follow and complete registration email prompts
  • Login and explore anytime at:

If you have questions, please consult our privacy policy or reach out to