LifeJourney Mobile Application Launched with La Trobe University

LifeJourney Mobile Application Launched with La Trobe University

La Trobe has teamed up with online platform LifeJourney to launch a new app tailored to boost students’ understanding of potential STEM career pathways.The innovative mobile app is designed to excite students considering future careers in fields such as computing, cyber security, science, technology, engineering, maths, data and machine learning.

The interactive La Trobe LifeJourney App enables the secondary school pupils to explore 21st Century jobs through testimonials and advice from STEM and cyber professionals at leading technology companies such as Cisco, Optus and others. New experts’ stories are introduced every month, with students gaining access to details of their career paths.

La Trobe Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar AO said the LifeJourney app would provide valuable insight to students wanting to hit the ground running as they enter the modern workforce. “La Trobe is committed to preparing students for real-world careers. The LifeJourney App provides students with valuable insights from professionals at the top of their game, including from La Trobe partners Optus and Cisco. App users will gain an understanding of exactly what is involved and needed for them to succeed in the STEM and cyber careers of tomorrow,” Professor Dewar said.

LifeJourney chief executive Rick Geritz said he was excited about the new venture with La Trobe. “We’re happy to be launching our latest technology with our longest-standing university partner in Australia. We believe that students must have the ability to take charge of their career trajectory and we’re happy to meet the students where they are – on their mobile devices – to enable this transformation,” Mr Geritz said.

LifeJourney is an online platform that empowers organisations to transform employees into role models for the next-generation. The platform is active in the United States, Australia and Singapore and has helped thousands of students gain insight to in-demand careers of the future.

In addition to the launch of the mobile application, LifeJourney’s existing classroom programs (Day of STEM and ASD CyberEXP), student engagement activities, and professional learning workshops will continue in 2020 and beyond. Students with an existing LifeJourney account for the Day of STEM and/or ASD CyberEXP can you the same email/password combination.