WA TeachMeet – Starting Up With Cyber – September 12

WA TeachMeet – Starting Up With Cyber – September 12

Following the successful Cyber Teacher workshop at Edith Cowan University in July, John Curtin College of the Arts (JCCA) will host a WA TeachMeet on September 12. The event will be led by Donna Buckley of JCCA and Dr. Michelle Ellis of ECU. 

Introducing teachers to the ASD Cyber Teacher program, this event will support teachers getting started with Cyber Security Education. The online, self guided, interactive ASD Cyber Exp will allow students to learn about a day in the life of five cyber specialist experts. Raising student awareness of career opportunities in this high demand, priority industry.   

“Professional development for teachers related to cyber security is of critical importance. All students need a basic foundation in cyber to participate in today’s digital society”  Steve Morrill, Cyber Teacher Mentor.

TDS STEM (7-12) Teach Meet-ASD Cyber Teacher

Teacher Development Schools Event

  • Target audience:  teachers (7-12) and curriculum leaders
  • Date: Thursday, 12 September 2019
  • Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Where: Online (Webex) & In-Person (John Curtin College of the Arts, Learning Centre)
  • Cost: Nil
  • Last enrolment date: Monday, 9 September 2019

Online Enrolment for this event is available at: https://plis.det.wa.edu.au/EventDetails.aspx?EventID=29057

In-Person enrolment for this event is available at:

Non-WA Department schools can register for the event by emailing Donna Buckley donna.buckley@education.wa.edu.au.