Cyber Teacher – 2021 Virtual Workshop Series

Cyber Teacher – 2021 Virtual Workshop Series

LifeJourney is pleased to announce the 2021 edition of our Cyber Teacher online workshop series! The workshops are designed to build a foundation understanding of the cyber security field for secondary teachers and careers advisors in Australia. The Cyber Teacher course is a key component of the Australian Signals Directorate’s CyberEXP program. 

The workshops will be available every term and will feature Australian teachers discussing their experiences teaching cyber security in the classroom, perspectives from industry professionals and a briefing on learning resources around the country. 

Workshop Dates (click the links below to register)

Each workshop will take place online from 4:00-6:00pm AEST. 

The workshops are available free for all teachers in Australia and are registered PD for teachers in ACT (via TQI), addressing standards 3.4.2, 4.5.2, 6.2.2 and 7.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.