ACS Foundation Supports Day of STEM

ACS Foundation Supports Day of STEM

The ACS Foundation has joined the Day of STEM as a key partner. By connecting university and high-school students with workplace integrated learning experiences like the Big Day In, the ACS Foundation aims to build the future ICT workforce of Australia.

“The ACS Foundation is pleased to be an association partner of the Day of STEM initiative, as we believe that there needs to be numerous activities and initiatives for students about the importance of taking STEM subjects at school and beyond, and providing information on, and promoting, the careers of the future.” said John Ridge AM, Executive Director ACS Foundation.

The ACS Foundation is holding their Junior Big Day In at Hilltop Road Primary School on the 2nd November 2016. It is expected that between 800 and 900 Years 5 and 6 students will attend the event and experience a range of STEM activities run by various partner organisations, and aimed at opening their minds to future possibilities. The Junior Big Day In is part of the Big Day In series of ICT Careers conferences aimed at senior secondary and university students, which attract between 6,000 and 7,000 students a year nationally.

The Day of STEM is designed to raise the national IQ for STEM careers, inspiring the next generation of Australian STEM professionals through an interactive, online awareness platform led by the nation’s leading STEM professionals.

The Day of STEM is now available free of charge to teachers, students and parents through two targeted programs, the Collingwood STEM Cup and Australia 2020.