Day of STEM Releases Program 2 – Australia 2020

Day of STEM Releases Program 2 – Australia 2020

Australia’s iconic companies are leading by example in order to inspire a new generation of students, the STEM Generation. The second program released by LifeJourney under the Day of STEM platform invites students to virtually explore the careers of Australia’s STEM leaders in technology and innovation. The program, Australia 2020, weaves together key themes including wireless technology, cybersecurity, drone delivery, financial services and autonomous vehicles in order to paint a picture for students of Australia’s future digital economy and related careers pathways.

The primary aim of the program is to inspire Australian students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) pathways by providing a window into the world of leading STEM professionals across diverse industries. Students will begin the program by completing a career ideation session to identify their individual interests and dispositions. The next part of the program explores six unique career paths at different companies through an interactive media experience. Janine Perrett anchors the Australia 2020 interactive experience and introduces the nation’s STEM mentors.

After exploring each journey the student is asked to rank mentors based on their connection to that pathway. They can then explore the mentor’s journey in depth, compare interests and learn more about the specific pathways and coursework necessary in landing a related career. Throughout the process of the program, the student builds a unique STEM Resume which outlines their skills, capabilities, favourite mentors, companies, interests and pathways.

Australia 2020 and the Day of STEM are available free of charge to all teachers, students and parents. Registration can be found at

Jayne Opperman, General Manager – Business Integration at Westpac commented, “Westpac is proud to help lead the Day of STEM program in partnership with schools, teachers, and communities across Australia. Our company is absolutely committed to supporting the next-generation of STEM students. Programs like Australia 2020 help to provide important connections for students to realize their potential and see themselves in rewarding career opportunities.”

Robert Hillard, Managing Partner of Consulting at Deloitte is equally excited about the program’s potential to encourage students to pursue careers in Australia’s digital future. “Through the Australia 2020 program we hope that Australian students can understand the relationship between what they study in their STEM courses to their future employment opportunities in a world that is changing fast. We are delighted to feature Celeste as Deloitte’s cyber representative, as she shares her pathway in order to motivate students to pursue related career pathways.”

Rick Geritz, Chief Executive Officer of LifeJourney, the company behind the program, “We are excited to release the 2nd Day of STEM program to help inspire the nation around STEM careers. Through this program we hope to inspire students to complete STEM courses and pursue careers in a range of sectors that are driving innovation in the digital economy.”

About Day of STEM: Aims to inspire the next generation of Australian STEM professionals through an interactive, online STEM awareness platform called Day of STEM. This platform, powered by LifeJourney, introduces students to the hard and soft skills needed to pursue their digital future in STEM, whilst mentored by Australia’s leading STEM professionals. Additionally, the system provides parents and teachers with dashboards which help to provide guidance and direction for the students’ careers. Day of STEM explores a range of careers through targeted thematic programs, including Australia 2020 and the Collingwood STEM Cup.

Day of STEM Education Partners include: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA); Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering (ATSE); Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT); Australian Council For Computers in Education (ACCE); Australian Computer Society (ACS); ACS Foundation; Design and Technology Teachers Association-Victoria (DATTA Vic); Engineers Australia; Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV).

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