Exploring Cyber Challenges in the Classroom

Exploring Cyber Challenges in the Classroom

Within the Optus Cyber Security Experience there are a range of cyber challenges found in the “Field Trips” tab of the dashboard that are ready for use in the classroom. The challenges can be completed individually or in pairs, in the classroom or for homework.

  • Requirements: Device with internet connection, individual student registration with the Optus Cyber Security program – REGISTER HERE
  • Age: Suitable for Years 8-12
  • Time: 40 mins for all challenges (can be completed as individual tasks)
  • Answers: Hints are available in the program or a Teacher’s  Answers Guide is available on the Optus Cyber Security teacher dashboard. 


Name Understanding malware
Context The Optus Cyber Response team are always on the lookout for new and evolving types of malware that could infect their or their customers computer systems.
Activity Identifying and match different malware with their definitions.
Skills Digital literacy, matching terms
Difficulty 2/5
Time 5 minutes


Name Cracking passwords
Context The Optus Cyber Response team have obtained password dumps storing hacker passwords. After obtaining a few plaintext passwords, it appears that they are all encoded using different number bases.
Activity Learn how to decode passwords by recognising their number bases
Skills Extension Maths
Difficulty 5/5
Time 10 minutes


Name ASOC network operator
Context The Network Operator in the Optus Cyber Response team ensures the network is secure so that all Optus operations can be performed with confidence.
Activity Read and follow a list of commands to answer questions.
Skills Reading, digital literacy, following commands
Difficulty 3/5
Time 5 minutes


Name Email headers
Context The Optus Cyber Response team found a strange raw email message on their computer systems. Optus’ VP of Security Research thinks it could provide valuable insight into the identity of the people perpetrating the cyber attack.
Activity Read and decipher computer code to answer questions about information in the email header file.
Skills Reading, comprehension
Difficulty 3/5
Time 5 minutes



Name Log analysis
Context A log file showing suspicious activity was collected by the Optus Cyber Response team performing forensics at the customer site. The ASOC Director believes the file can provide valuable insight on the attack being made at the company.
Activity Analyze the code in a log file to determine the answer to security questions.
Skills Data analysis , Reading, comprehension
Difficulty 4/5
Time 10 minutes


Name Cyber risk assessment
Context The job of the Cyber Risk Consultant is to gather technical needs and determine the security risk profile of the client. Her team regularly performs security configuration reviews, penetration testing, risk assessment and personnel training on the cyber security issues at-hand.
Activity Identifying and match terms with their definitions.
Skills Word matching exercise
Difficulty 2/5
Time 5 minutes