Lisa Paul to Chair Day of STEM Advisory Board

Lisa Paul to Chair Day of STEM Advisory Board

Former Secretary of Education and Training and leading Australian public servant, Lisa Paul AO PSM, will serve as co-chair of the Day of STEM Advisory Board. Lisa Paul brings decades of leadership experience and deep knowledge of the education ecosystem to the newly formed advisory board.

The advisory board has been formed to improve and accelerate the effectiveness of the Day of STEM platform, which aims to inspire the next generation of Australians to pursue the key skills needed to drive future economic growth and prosperity. The advisory board is comprised of distinguished leaders from industry, government and education sectors, and will be co-chaired by Tom Reich, Executive Director of LifeJourney – the company behind the Day of STEM platform.

Commenting on her leadership role with the newly formed advisory board, “I’m very excited to help drive the Day of STEM initiative forward in order to excite Australia’s students to pursue careers in the STEM fields. Building awareness through programs like Australia 2020 will help the next-generation visualise the rewarding opportunities afforded through a STEM education.”

Tom Reich added, “We are privileged to have someone of Lisa’s calibre and experience to help lead our advisory board. It is important that the Day of STEM national initiative reaches every Australian school and student – our advisory board plays a key role for us in ensuring we deliver effective and relevant programs.”

The Day Of STEM is a national initiative designed to raise the National IQ for STEM careers through a self-guided interactive, online STEM awareness experience called LifeJourney. The fully automated online experience enables students to test-drive their future by living a day in the life of STEM leaders at Australia’s leading companies.

The Day of STEM is available free of charge for schools, teachers, students and parents at